Aerial Filming and Video Production Specialists

Video and Photohraphy

Gravity Aerial Filming has the technology and experience to fly for all kinds of Productions, whether it is for Newsreels, TV Drama, Documentary, Corporate or live sports events our drones carry camera's capturing the highest quality footage.

Specialist Services

We take care of non standard flight operations and permissions required to fly in restricted or congested areas. As part of our specialist services we carry £10m public liability insurance.

Management & Planning

Gravity Filming has a C.A.A. granted PfCO (Permissions for commercial operations). We advise on, and take care of all the legal paperwork and permissions needed to undertake safe flying for your project.

Live Streaming

Supporting live event coverage our UAV's deliver a live HD feed directly into the broadcast mix. Flying from land or on water, our flight team are experienced in filming high speed sports, providing quality safe aerial coverage with zero latency and full HD 50i downlink.

Mobile Production Office

We have a fully kitted out production vehicle, providing a comfortable space for monitoring, playback, D.I.T. and preparing equipment.

Live Video Link

All our aircraft provide real time HD downlink to the Directors monitor, with the ability to playback, ensuring all shots are captured exactly as planned.

Friendly and adaptable

Our team love what they do and that shows with our professional, friendly attitude to each project, ensuring everything runs as smooth as can be on set.

Give us a call we'd love to hear about your next project!