Aerial Unit Live Sports

Live stream for Henley Womens' Regatta since 2015

Special Permissions for Night Flying

Night flying aerial live unit for Anjunadeep Music Festival 2019

Survey & Inspection

RTK Precision data capture in all environments

Precision Agriculture

Sensing, Drone Analysis & Crop Data


Seljalandsfoss, Iceland

Music Videos and Commercials

Ed Harcourt Music Video, Knebworth House

Aerial Photography, Live Broadcast, Cinematography, 3D Mapping, Survey and Inspection

Cinematography & Photography

At Gravity we have extensive experience flying for all kinds of productions, whether it is for Commercials, TV Drama, Documentary, Corporate or live sports events our drones carry camera's capturing the highest quality footage and images.

Survey, Inspection & 3D Mapping

We provide our clients with high quality aerial imagery, analytical drone data, 3D Mapping, visual inspection data, panoramic stills and 3D models. Our drone data provides real time analytics for commercial construction sites,  plant health maps for agriculture and high resolution imagery for site surveys and safety review.

Agriculture Sensing & Drone Analysis

Through regular insight into a visualised, user-friendly, geo-referenced map of a field, we analyse and provide an extensive range of statistics from plant counting, plant health tools and stress detectors that enable precise yield increase and increase of overall profit.

Management & Planning

Gravity Filming has a C.A.A. granted PfCO (Permissions for commercial operations). We advise on, and take care of all the legal paperwork and permissions needed to undertake safe flying for your project.

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