Booking, Postponement, Cancellation and Weather

Aerial filming is naturally effected by the weather and sometimes filming is not possible on planned dates. If filming is not possible on the scheduled date no fee will be charged if an alternative filming day can be booked. The booking fee is then simply transferred to that new date.

Due to the nature of the filming industry and working with a number of staff and freelancers, we do require our clients to commit when booking our services and time. Unless by special circumstances or if time doesn’t permit, we require 50% of the booking to be paid in advance.

In the unlikely event that a shoot is completely cancelled or unforeseen changes in weather means that flying is not possible, with no re-schedule date then the project will be charged at 50%. This would increase to 100% within 24hrs of going on site

If a job is cancelled due to any other issues and simply not re-scheduled due to the client no longer requiring our services the 50% fee will be charged unless by a pre-agreement and if additional costs have been incurred these will also be charged.

If a job is cancelled due to any other issues and simply not re-scheduled due to the client no longer requiring our services within 24hrs of planned onsite call-time then 100% of the fee will be charged.

We pride ourselves on customer service and are very flexible when working with clients to ensure each project is planned, managed and delivered to the highest and safest standards possible.

Licence, Usage & Copyright

Copyright in images and footage remains exclusive property of Gravity Filming.

We can negotiate and agree a buyout of images footage for specific filming contracts.

Our clients have full use of all photography and filmed material for their own business promotion, media, print, marketing, advertising and website use.  Clients are permitted to use all material in conjunction with their media, print and advertising suppliers. Clients are not permitted to sell the material or allow general 3rd parties to use it with prior written agreement with us.

Licence costs are calculated on usage and territory, based on B.U.R. (Base Usage Rate) and in line with AOP (Associate of Photographers) industry standard fees. 

We reserve the right to use any video footage or photograph still images for our own PR purposes, on our website, in a showreel, in printed material and on social media. With regard to client confidentiality and any embargo provisions, Gravity Filming agrees not use any video footage or photographs until our client has published the material. We also reserve the right to supply video footage and photographs unless agreed otherwise.